After finally getting the valve repaired and the engine back together, the throw-out bearing went out on my clutch.  How did I know?  When I pushed in the clutch pedal there was a horrible squealing sound.


Here’s the culprit.  The throw-out bearing fell apart.



After spending more than I wanted on my restoration, I attempted to save some money by going with a “no-name” clutch kit from Corvette Central.  It said “better than OEM”.


Well, I should have gone with a name brand clutch.  The throw-out bearing had plastic in it and was cheap.


Here’s the Centerforce throw-out bearing.


It looks like it is all metal and much stronger.


I chose a Centerforce II clutch to replace the no-name one.  There are weights on the pressure plate that improve holding capacity. 


Changing the clutch is a pain in the butt.  A local transmission shop said it would take about 5-6 hours to change the clutch.  At $65 an hour, I decided to do it myself.  If you don’t pull the engine, you have to turn the transmission on its side and slide it back.  Sounds easy, huh?  Well it isn’t.


I just barely got the transmission back far enough to clear the pressure plate.  It is very hard to work with the limited clearance.


The Centerforce kit cost twice as much as the no-name.  The moral of the story is, don’t try to save a buck and go with cheaper parts.  Suck it up and pay for quality.  You don’t want to do it twice.