Well, it had to happen. Something finally broke and now I had to fix it.


During a cruise to a drive-in (about 60 miles from home), the engine started running rough like it was running on 7 cylinders. I thought that a plug wire had burned through like had happened before. I suspected that it was probably more than that. After pulling the right valve cover, I discovered that a valve guide broke and allowed the rocker arm to move off the #2 intake valve.


The pushrods were 5/16. These proved to be hard to find so I changed to 3/8 pushrods and replaced all the guide plates.

The new pushrod is on the bottom in this picture. It is kind of hard to see put you can see how the pushrod tapers out from the tip. The old pushrod is straight.



After getting everything in, the engine still did not run right. While sitting in the garage, I started seeing gasoline on top of the intake. I thought that I had a leak in the fuel line. I tightened everything but I still had a lot of gas on top of the intake. I noticed that the gasket under the carb was soaked with gas. I removed the carb and the entire intake was full of gas. I replaced the carb with a rebuilt one. But that did not cure the engine still running rough.



I pulled the valve cover again and saw that the rocker arm was riding off to the side. The top of the valve was worn at an angle. I had to pull the head and replace the #2 intake valve. The engine sure looked small with one head and the intake off. After replacing the valve, I put everything back on and everything started right up and ran great. Thank goodness.