Brake Restoration



My first “restoration” was really more a repair out of necessity.  The brake light on the dash was on when I bought the car.  In order to title the car in Texas, it first had to pass a state safety inspection.  So I had to repair the brakes – including the parking brakes – so I could pass.


The picture to the left is the right rear brake caliper.  As you can see, it is pretty much a piece of rust.


The picture below is the parking brake assy.  I have started removing rust and priming the trailing arms while waiting on new brake parts.  The trailing arms were about in the same shape as the calipers!









I replaced the parking brake parts with stainless steel parts and new shoes.


With the rotor back in place, I installed the new caliper









I also replaced the front calipers at the same time.  I purchased the complete package from Muskegon Brakes.  It had “new” calipers, brake pads, new brake hoses and lines, hardware, and silicone brake fluid.


I was warned about using silicone brake fluid but I chose to use it since it supposedly was not susceptible to water.


I had a really tough time bleeding the brakes.  The vacuum pump method did not work.  After trying to bleed the brakes for 3 days, I bought some speed bleeders.  They work great.


Shortly after getting the brakes replaced (and passing inspection) my brakes starting locking down to the point you could not drive the car.  I ended up replacing the power brake booster.


Things were working great after that.