The first step was to get the engine out.




I pulled the engine and trans out together from recommendations of friends.


Using a load leveler on the hoist made this a very easy job.


The paint on the engine was just about worn off.  The only good paint was on the valve covers.


The engine turned out to not be original.  It was from 1973.  My car was built in September 1971.  The cylinders were bored .040.  Other than that, the engine was in pretty good condition.  I used a Lunati cam (pn 00020) and Speed Pro flat top pistons.


I ran the engine out on a test stand to make sure everything was working right and get some time on it before I put it in my car.








I put the engine back in with the transmission attached.  If you think this is difficult, you haven’t tried to work under a Corvette!  I put it in by myself without much effort.  Just take it slow and check clearances.  Following are some photos of the process.












After finally getting everything back in I could not get the engine to start.  I could use a remote start button but I could not use the key.  I found a jumper wire on the clutch “neutral” switch was bad.

After that, I could not get the engine to idle when it was cold.  I found a wire was used on the carburetor in place of a link.  The wire was too short (see photo below) and caused the primary butterfly to open fully when the engine started.  I made my own link (out of wire) and adjusted it correctly.  Now it starts and runs great.