Interior Restoration



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It was time to restore the interior.The seats had lots of wear and tear.The seat foam was worn and the seats were hard.There were holes in the drivers seat and lots of wear places.The dash was worn Ė especially where the lower dash meets the console.



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I took out all the interior and put insulation down.After lots of research I decided to use Reflectix.I insulated from the storage compartment wall to the firewall and from door to door.Iím hoping this cuts down the massive amounts of heat coming through the floor Ė and cutting the sound would be nice too.


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In case you canít tell, the re-covered seat is on the left.


I did the work myself.It was a lot of work and a professional could probably have done a better job, but I take pride in doing the work myself.


In the picture below you can see the difference in seat bottom thickness.

I now set up much higher in the Vette.I canít see the top of the tachometer!

Seats are much more comfortable now.


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