After messing up a rear bearing (donít ask), I pulled the trailing arms and sent them to Van Steel.While I didnít want to spend the money right now, it was for the best.The spindles were out of spec and needed to be replaced.Besides, I feel better knowing that the bearings are new and everything is in good order.

Removing the trailing arms was a real chore.The bolts were rusted to the bushing.This shot of one of the bushings is pretty typical of what I found.Definitely needed to be replaced!


The bolts were in pretty poor shape as well.

The frame area definitely needed some attention.The drain hole at the bottom of the frame pocket was clogged with dirt.This caused dirt and mud to accumulate in this area which could lead to frame rot.



After getting my trailing arms back from Van Steel, I almost didnít want to put them back on the car.They were beautiful.I highly recommend them for their work.