Spare Tire Tub

The spare tire tub takes a beating.It is about one of the lowest points of the car.


This is the hole that was at the front part

of the tub.Years of bottoming out on speed bumps and the like had taken its toll.


I decided to cut the hole out to get a good clean surface to work with.You can see the lines drawn around the hole in the photo.I used some wire mesh to form the area in the hole.This would give me something to apply the fiberglass to and also provide rigidity to the area.Remember, this is be at the lowest point of the tub and facing the front.


I fiberglassed both sides of the wire mesh making sure I overlapped onto the tub to give it some good adhesion.You have to work fast as the resin would set up pretty fast.I then sanded down the area to at least make it passable.


While itís not professional looking, it got the job done.